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Double gabled rear extension, rear extension with terrace over featuring glazed balustrade, replacement sunroom, 2 no. rooflights to principal roofslope, associated landscaping works



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Sally Tyler 

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Hill Cottage, Little Haven, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3UE


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Plans and Documents
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Existing elevations HCT_008_B - Existing Elevations.pdf
Existing elevations HCT_007_B - Existing Elevations.pdf
Existing plans HCT_004_B - Existing Plans.pdf
Existing site plan HCT_002_B - Existing Site Plan.pdf
Application form ApplicationFormRedacted.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Rights of Way Officer 09/02/2022 NP-22-0075-FUL_AR.pdf
Consultee Response - PCC Drainage (Civils) 09/02/2022 NP-22-0075-FUL_PCC_Drainage_(Civils)_response.pdf
Consultee response - Tree Officer NP-22-0075-FUL_-_T&LO_Response_-_22-02-2022.pdf
Consultee Response - Havens Community Council 02/03/2022 NP-22-0075-FUL_Havens_CC.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Planning Ecologist 21/04/2022 NP-22-0075-FUL_RB.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Conservation Officer 14/07/2022 22-0075-FUL_CO_Response.pdf
Consultee response - PCNPA Building Conservation Officer 2 02/08/2022 NP-22-0075-FUL_RS.pdf
Consultee response - PCC Highways 4 5/12/22 Highways_4.pdf
Approved 001C Site location plan rec 8/12/22 HCT_001_C_-_Site_Location_Plan_3.pdf
Approved 003D Proposed Site Plan rec 01/08/22 HCT_003_D_-_Proposed_Site_Plan_9.pdf
Approved 005B Proposed ground & first floor rec'd 03-Feb-2022 HCT_005_B_-_Proposed_Ground_&_First_Floor_Plan_23.pdf
Approved 006E Proposed Roof Plan rec 01/08/22 HCT_006_E_-_Proposed_Roof_Plan_8.pdf
Approved 009F Proposed elevations rec 8/12/22 HCT_009_F_-_Proposed_Elevations_5.pdf
Approved 010B Proposed elevations rec'd 03-Feb-2022 HCT_010_B_-_Proposed_Elevations_27.pdf
Approved Bat Survey, Gould Ecology, rec'd 03-Feb-2022 HCT_Bat_Survey_V1_3.pdf
Approved Heritage statement rec'd 03-Feb-2022 Hill_Cottage_-_Heritage_Statement_3.pdf
Officer Report Delegated_Report_NP-22-0075-FUL.pdf
Decision Notice Full_Consent_Notice_NP-22-0075-FUL.pdf
Decision Notice - VERSION 2 Full_consent_Notice_VERSION_2.pdf