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Proposed alterations and extensions to Brython apartments. Combine existing 2 units into one, extend car parking area, 2 No. new residential cabins in lower garden, swimming pool and asociated external works.



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Emma Watkins 

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Brython, Narberth Road, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 8HT


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Plans and Documents
Description Filename
Topographical survey 9306-TOPO1.pdf
Proposed elevations 9306-P06.pdf
Application Form Redacted rec 10/12/21 Application_Form_Redcated_Amended.pdf
Amended Design & Access Statement rec 10/12/21 Design_&_Access_Statement_Amended.pdf
Existing Location Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-E01.pdf
Existing Lower Ground Floor Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-E02.pdf
Existing Ground Floor Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-E03.pdf
Existing First Floor Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-E04.pdf
Existing Second Floor Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-E05.pdf
Existing Section rec 16/12/21 9306-E06.pdf
Existing Elevations rec 16/12/21 9306-E07.pdf
Existing Elevations rec 16/12/21 9306-E08.pdf
Amended Existing Site Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-SP01.pdf
Consultee Response - PCC Drainage Engineers (Civils) 22/12/21 NP-21-0780-FUL_PCC_Drainage_Engineers_response.pdf
Consultee Response - Tenby Civic Society 04/01/22 Comments_NP_21_0780_FUL__TCC.pdf
Consultee Response - Tenby Town Council 05/01/22 TTC_Planning_Applications_Consultee_Responses.pdf
Consultee Response -PCCHighways 11/01/2022 NP-21-0780-FUL.pdf
Consultee Response - Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water 12/01/22 PLA0062424.doc_Dwr_Cymru-WW_Consultation_Response.pdf
Consultee Response - Natural Resources Wales 19/01/22 NP210780_FUL_Consultee_response.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Tree and Landscape Officer 25/01/2022 NP-21-0780-FUL_TLO.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Ecologist PCNPA_-_Ecologist_Response.pdf
Approved Amended Proposed Site Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-PSP01_6.pdf
Approved Amended Proposed Lower Ground Floor Plan rec 10/12/21 P01_Amended_3.pdf
Approved Amended proposed Ground Floor Plan rec 16/12/21 9306-P02_3.pdf
Approved 03 Rev A - Proposed first floor plan rec 28/2/22 9306-P03A_1.pdf
Approved 04 Rev A - Proposed second floor plan rec 28/2/22 9306-P04A_1.pdf
Approved 05 Rev A - Amended Sections rec 28/2/22 9306-P05A_1.pdf
Approved 06 Rev A - Proposed elevations rec 28/2/22 9306-P06A_1.pdf
Approved 07 Rev A - Proposed elevaions rec 28/2/22 9306-P07A_1.pdf
Approved Amended Proposed Site Sections rec 16/12/21 9306-P08_3.pdf
Approved Proposed cabins 9306-P09_5.pdf
Approved Proposed swimming pool 9306-P10_3.pdf
Approved Arboricultural report PC21-166_Brython_BS5837_report_2.pdf
Approved Bat report 2092_brython_tenby_bat_report_final_19072021_1.pdf
Officer Report Delegated_Report_6222.pdf
Decision Notice Full_consent_Notice_4956.pdf
Decision Notice 21-0780.pdf
Decision Notice - Version 2 NP-21-0780-FUL_Version_2.pdf