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Proposed change of use and conversion of vacant ground floor shop to a 2 bedroom flat


Case Officer:

Sara Thomas 

Registration Date:


Despatch Date:


Bayview, 5, The Norton, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 8AA

Decision and Appeal Details


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There are no appeal details for this application
Plans and Documents
Description Filename
Existing floor plan & section Bayview_-_Existing_Floor_Plan_and_Section.pdf
Existing front elevation plan Bayview_-_Existing_Front_Elevation_Plan.pdf
Proposed floor plan & section Bayview_-_Proposed_Floor_Plan_and_Section.pdf
Proposed front elevation plan Bayview_-_Proposed_Front_Elevation_Plan.pdf
Site location plan Bayview-_Site_Location_Plan.pdf
Application form - redacted Bayview_-_Application_Form_8.pdf
Consultee response - PCC Civils Dept 25/06/2021 NP-21-0381-FUL_Civils.pdf
Consultee Response - Buidling Conservation Officer 29/06/2021 NP-21-0381-FUL_R.txt
Consultee Response - Tenby Civic Society 29/06/2021 NP-21-0381-FUL_Tenby_CS.msg
Consultee Response - Natural Resources Wales Development Planning 01/07/21 NP210381FUL-_Bayview_5_The_Norton_TENBY_(Minor)__-_NRW_Response_NRW01322767.txt
Consultee response - Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water 5/7/21 21-0381-FUL.pdf
Consultee Response -Tenby Town Council 7/7/21 Tenby_Town_Council_Response.msg
Consultee Response - CADW 14/07/21 Cadw_-_NP_21_0381_FUL_-_2021-07-14__-_Response.docx
Consultee Response - PCNPA-PROW 15/07/21 RE_Planning_application_consultation_NP-21-0381-FUL.msg
Consultee Response - PCC Transportation & Environment 20776_np.381.21_Highways_Response.doc
Consultee Response - Tenby Civic Society 19/08/21 Consultee_Response-Tenby_Civic_Society.msg
Consultee Response - PCNPA Planning Ecologist 25/08/2021 NP-21-0381-FUL_RB.msg