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First floor extension to a single storey building to form a New Flat



Case Officer:

Ruth Owen 

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38, Nun Street, St. Davids, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6NT


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There are no appeal details for this application
Plans and Documents
Description Filename
Block plan rec 8/6/21 block_plan.pdf
Block Plan & Elevations rec 10/6/21 SinglePDF0008-01_(1).pdf
Front & Rear Elevations rec 10/6/21 Konica-C3070678.pdf
Existing Elevations Rec 20/06/21 Konica-C3070678.pdf
Proposed Elevations, Section & Block Plan Rec 20/06/21 SinglePDF0006-01_(1).pdf
Rear & Front Elevations Rec 20/06/21 SinglePDF0006-02_(1).pdf
Elevations, Section & Block Plan Rec 20/06/21 SinglePDF0008-01.pdf
Application Form Redacted janet_5.PDF
Consultee Response - PCC Civils Dept /06/2021 NP-21-0337-FUL_CIvils.pdf
Consultee Response - St Davids City Council 06/07/21 21-0337-FUL_St_Davids_CC_response.pdf
Consultee Response - Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water 13/07/21 PLA0058163.doc
Consultee ResponseDwr Cymru/Welsh Water - Sewer Plan 13/07/21 sewer_plan_PLA0058163.pdf
Consultee Response - PCC Highways 15/07/2021 NP-21-0337-FUL_HW.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Planning Ecologist 24/08/2021 NP-21-0337-FUL_RB.txt
Consultee Response - PCNPA Building Conservttions Officer NP-21-0337-FUL_PCNPA_Building_Conservation_Officer_response.pdf
Officer's Report NP-21-0337-FUL_Delegated_Report.pdf
Decision Notice NP-21-0337-FUL_Full_consent_Notice.pdf
APPROVED - Bat Survey Report 01/07/21 Report_RE027-03_St_Davids_Wellbeing_Centre__1.pdf
APPROVED - Block plan rec 8/6/21 block_plan_5.pdf
APPROVED - Block Plan & Elevations rec 10/6/21 SinglePDF0008-01_(1)_4.pdf
APPROVED - Front & Rear Elevations rec 10/6/21 Konica-C3070678_5.pdf
APPROVED - Design and Access Statement rec'd 26/05/2021 25967_DESIGN_AND_ACCESS_STATEMENT-__38_NUN_STREET_1.pdf
APPROVED - Location Plan Konica-C3070601_(1)_6.pdf
APPROVED - Elevations, Section & Block Plan Rec 20/06/21 SinglePDF0008-01_5.pdf
APPROVED - Rear & Front Elevations Rec 20/06/21 SinglePDF0006-02_(1)_6.pdf