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New replacement residential dwelling



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Kate Attrill 

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Bettws Bach, Parrog, Newport, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0RX


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There are no appeal details for this application
Plans and Documents
Description Filename
Application Form ApplicationFormRedacted.pdf
Design & access statement HHN_Design_statement.03_Part3.pdf
Design & access statement HHN_Design_statement.03_Part2.pdf
Design & access statement HHN_Design_statement.03_Part1.pdf
Approved Tree survey Map.jpeg
Approved Tree survey Tree Survey Grid Master BS5837.docx
Approved Tree survey Map 2.jpeg
Approved Tree survey Betws Bach BS5837.docx
Approved Biodiversity survey and report 20181123_Bat Report - Bettws Bach NEWPORT.pdf
Planning Policy Appendix - Other Plans Bettws Bach Planning Policy Appendix.pdf
Heritage impact statement Heritage Impact Statement - Bettws Bach Parrog.pdf
Approved Site location plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P01_SITE_+_LOCATION_PLAN.pdf
Approved Existing site survey & roof plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P02_EXISTING_SITE_SURVEY__ROOF_PLAN.pdf
Approved Existing site survey & ground floor plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P03_EXISTING_SITE_SURVEY__GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN.pdf
Proposed site overview & landscaping rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P04_PROPOSED_SITE_OVERVIEW_+_LANDSCAPING_copy.pdf
Approved Proposed basement floor plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P05_PROPOSED_BASEMENT_FLOOR_PLAN.pdf
Proposed ground floor plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P06_PROPOSED_GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN_copy.pdf
Approved Proposed first floor plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P07_PROPOSED_FIRST_FLOOR_PLAN_copy.pdf
Approved Proposed roof plan rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P08_PROPOSED_ROOF_PLAN_copy.pdf
Approved Existing north & east elevations rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P09_EXISTING_NORTH_+_EAST_ELEVATIONS.pdf
Approved Existing south & west elevations rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P10_EXISTING_SOUTH_+_WEST_ELEVATION.pdf
Approved Proposed north & east elevations rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P11_PROPOSED_NORTH_+_EAST_ELEVATIONS.pdf
Approved Proposed south & west elevations rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P12_PROPOSED_SOUTH_+_WEST_ELEVATIONS.pdf
Approved Concessions proposed north & west elevations rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P13_CONCESSIONS__PROPOSED_NORTH_+_WEST_ELEVATIONS.pdf
Approved Proposed boat house elevations rec 16/12/20 18104_HHN_P14-PROPOSED_BOAT_HOUSE_ELEVATIONS.pdf
Visualisations Part 1 rec 16/12/20 HHN_Visualisations_Part1.pdf
Visualisations Part 2 rec 16/12/20 HHN_Visualisations_Part2.pdf
Visualisations Part 3 rec 16/12/20 HHN_Visualisations_Part3.pdf
Visualisations Part 4 rec 16/12/20 HHN_Visualisations_Part4.pdf
Visualisations Part 5 rec 16/12/20 HHN_Visualisations_Part5.pdf
Site Location plan receveived 18/12/2020 18104_HHN_P01_SITE_+_LOCATION_PLAN.pdf
Existing Floor Plans received 1/12/2020 18104_HHN_P03_EXISTING_SITE_SURVEY__GROUND_+_FIRST_FLOOR_PLANS.pdf
Consultee Response - PCC Civils Dept 21/12/2020 NP-20-0574-FUL.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Access and Rights of way Officer NP-20-0574-FUL.txt
Consultee Response - PCC Highways Dept 08/01/2021 NP-20-0574-FUL.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Tree and Landscape Officer NP-20-0574-FUL.pdf
Consultee Response - Dyfed Archaeological Trust 14/01/21 Consultee_Response_Dyfed_Archaeology_15.01.21.doc
Consultee Response - Newport Town Council 19/01/2021 NP-20-0574-FUL.txt
Consultee Response - PCNPA Planning Ecologist 20/01/21 NP200574FUL_Bettws_Bach_Parrog_Newport_Pembrokeshire_SA42_0RX.msg
Approved Bat report rec 9/2/21 2021_02_05_Bat_Report_-_Bettws_Bach_NEWPORT_FINAL_compressed.pdf
Dusk Visualisation rec 9/2/21 256_HHN_Cam01_Night.jpg
Approved Proposed site overview & landscaping rec 9/2/21 18104_HHN_P04_B_PROPOSED_SITE_OVERVIEW_+_LANDSCAPING.pdf
Approved Proposed ground floor plan rec 9/2/21 18104_HHN_P06_B_PROPOSED_GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN.pdf
Issue sheet rec 9/2/21 HHN_Issue_Sheet.12.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Buildings Conservation Officer NP-20-0574-FUL.txt
Proposed first floor plan rec 16/12/20 Proposed_First_Floor_Plan.pdf
Consultee Response - Newport Town Council rec'd 29/3/21 21-0080-CAC_Newport_TC_response.msg
Consultee Response - PCNPA Building Conservation Officer 19/04/2021 NP-20-0574-FUL.txt
Photograph Driveway/Road Junction 12/05/21 HHN_Driveway_Road_Junction.jpg
Approved Revised Existing & Proposed Plans 12/05/21 HHN_Existing_+_Proposed_Elevations.pdf
Photograph - View from PROW 12/05/21 HHN_View_From_PRoWjpg.jpg
Consultee Response - Buildings Conservation Officer 13/05/2021 NP200574_-_Bettws_Bach.txt
Consultee Response - Newport Town Council 25/05/2021 NP-20-0574-FUL_Newport_TC.txt
Consultee Response - NRW 24/05/2021 NP-20-0574-FUL_NRW.pdf
Approved Updated Ecology report rec 5/8/21 Bettws_Bach_Bat_survey_report_-_addendum_to__2018_report_final.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Ecologist RE_HHN_Application_Reference_NP200574FUL.txt
Approved Bat Survey received 05/08/2021 Bettws_Bach_Bat_survey_report_-_addendum_to__2018_report_final.pdf
Consultee Response - Natural Resources Wales 31/08/21 260821_0574FUL_NRW_Response.pdf
Consultee Response NRW 26/08/2021 260821_0574FUL_Bettws_Bach_Newport_PCNP.pdf
Decision Notice _Full_consent_Notice_4569.pdf