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A One Planet Development consisting of Cabin (caravan) (104.4 m2), Greenhouse (65 m2 in total), Compost toilet (9 m2), Barn (89.2 m2) with lean-to Goose House (19.4 m2) & PV array (69 m2)


Your client's application was recieved by our planning department on 28-Apr-2020 and was subsequently registered on 28-Apr-2020. We will contact you via email if and when we require any further information.

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Kate Attrill 

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Maes Gwenyn, Cilgwyn, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0QW


This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Plans and Documents
Description Filename
Application form ApplicationFormRedacted.pdf
Management plan Management Plan - Maes Gwenyn - resubmission April 2020.pdf
Soil management Soil_management_supporting information_59degrees.pdf
Screw piling report near trees Screw_Piles_support_info.pdf
Ecological footprint calculator ODPTool V2 Maes Gwenyn EFA analysis 100420.pdf
Orchard report Orchard Report for Maes Gwenyn.pdf
Visual & Sensory LANDMAP - Visual and Sensory.pdf
Landscape LANDMAP - Landscape.pdf
Historic map LANDMAP - Historic.pdf
Geology map LANDMAP - Geology.pdf
Ecology report March 2020 Maes Gwenyn OPD Ecology Report March 2020.pdf
Tree report Maes Gwenyn Tree Inspection Report February 2020.pdf
PV Array Maes Gwenyn Drawing 6.1 PV Array A4.pdf
Compost toilet Maes Gwenyn Drawing 5.1 Compost Toilet A4.pdf
Greenhouse detail Maes Gwenyn Drawing 4.3 Greenhouse Detail A4.pdf
Greenhouse elevations Maes Gwenyn Drawing 4.2 Greenhouse Elevations A4.pdf
Greenhouse plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 4.1 Greenhouse Plan A3.pdf
Barn elevations Maes Gwenyn Drawing 3.3 Barn Elevations A4 amended 140420.pdf
Barn elevations Maes Gwenyn Drawing 3.2 Barn Elevations A4 amended 140420.pdf
Barn plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 3.1 Barn Plan A4.pdf
Cabin elevations Maes Gwenyn Drawing 2.3 Cabin Elevations A4.pdf
Cabin elevations Maes Gwenyn Drawing 2.2 Cabin Elevations A4.pdf
Cabin plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 2.1 Cabin Plan A3.pdf
Entrance way Maes Gwenyn Drawing 1.5 Entranceway A4.pdf
Footings Plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 1.4b Footings Plan A3.pdf
Block plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 1.4a Block Plan A3.pdf
Gradient plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 1.3 Gradient Plan A3.pdf
Layout Plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 1.2a Layout Plan A3.pdf
Location plan Maes Gwenyn Drawing 1.1 Location Plan A3.pdf
Planning Statement 20200428_Maes_Gwenyn_Planning_Statement_Small_File.pdf
Bees Assessment_of_Maes_Gwenyn_Bee_Hives_1.pdf
Consultee Response - Drainage 2363_NP-20-0230-FUL_Maes_Gwenyn_Cilgwyn_07-05-20.pdf
Consultee Response - Building Conservation Officer Consultee_Response.txt
Consultee Response - ROW Officer NP190537_Maes_Gwenyn.txt
Consultee Response - PCNPA Access OFficer FW_Planning_consultation.txt
Consultee response - DwrCymru 20-0230.doc
Consultee Response - PCC Highways 2531_np.230.20.pdf
Consultee Response - PCNPA Tree and Landscape Officer 20-0230_Tree_Officer_response.pdf
Consultee Response - Commumity Council Planning_Maes_Gwenyn.txt
Consultee Response - Cadw 20-0230_Cadw_response.pdf
Tree Report received 15/06/2020 R_BS5837_MaesGwenyn_Tree_Report.pdf
LVIA Photos received 15/06/2020 MG_LVIA_transition.pdf
Setting Photos received 15/06/2020 Setting_Planning_examples.pdf
Photos of Site received 15/06/2020 Maes_Gwenyn__June_2020.pdf
Water Maain Plan received 15/06/2020 Maes_Gwenyn_Water_main_plan.pdf
Amended Elevation received 15/06/2020 Maes_Gwenyn_Drawing_3.3_Barn_Elevations_A4_amended_140420.pdf
Amended Elevation received 15/06/2020 Maes_Gwenyn_Drawing_3.2_Barn_Elevations_A4_amended_140420.pdf
Re-Consultation Response - PCNPA Conservation Officer RE_Planning_Application_Re-consultation_-_NP200230FUL.txt
Consultee Response - PCC Drainage (2nd response) NP-20-0230-FUL_PCC_Drainage.pdf
Consultee response - Community Council 20-0230.txt
Consultee response - Tree Officer NP-20-0230-FUL.pdf
Consultee Response - CADW Cadw_-_NP-20-0230-FUL_-_Amended_plans_-_CADW_Response.pdf
Consultee response - Ecologist NP-20-0230-FUL.doc
Consultee Response - NRW 30062020_0230FUL_Maes_Gwenyn_PCNP.pdf
Consultee Response -DAT Response_-_DAT.pdf
Consultee response - Tree Officer NP-20-0230-FUL_-_Response_-_23-06-2020.pdf
Officers delegated Report Delegated_Report_5084.pdf
Decision Notice - Refusal Refusal_Notice_186.pdf
Inspectorate email 30/6/21 confirming date of hearing 211B_-_Current_User_-_Planning_Officer_-_30_Jun_2021.pdf