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Alterations & extension to dwelling including annexe for occupation by family members



Case Officer:

Andrew Richards 

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Penwern, Newport, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0QT


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There are no appeal details for this application
Plans and Documents
Description Filename
Proposed site plan CCF18032020_0002.pdf
Proposed floor plans GH-09.pdf
Proposed west & south elevations GH-10.pdf
Proposed east & north elevations GH-11.pdf
Supporting statement Supporting_Statement.pdf
Application form Application_Form_1.pdf
Consultee Response - Tree Officer NP-20-0156-FUL_-_Penwern_14-04-2020.pdf
Consultee response - PCC Highways 20-0156_Highways_response.pdf
Light Mitigation Strategy - rec 27/4/20 Glyn_Rees_House_light_Mitigation.doc
Bat Survey - rec 27/4/20 Penwern_House_Bat_Survey.pdf
Consultee response - Ecology NP-20-0156-FUL_Penwern,_Newport.doc
Consultee Response - Newport Town Council Newport_Town_Council_responses_rec'd_13_May_2020.txt
Existing landscape rec 25/6/20 PWL_02_Existing_Landscape.pdf
Proposed landscape rec 25/6/20 PWL_03_Proposed_Landscape.pdf
Proposed landscape plan - revised 3/7/20 PROP.SITE.LANDSCAPE_REV_A,_03_JULY_2020.pdf
Consultee response - Tree Officer NP-20-0156-FUL_-_Penwern_20-07-2020.pdf
Consultee response - tree officer NP-20-0167-FUL.pdf
Photos rec 11/9/20 Penwern_Photos.doc
Consultee Response - PCNPA Access & Rights of Way Manager 20-0156_Access_and_ROW_Manager_response.jpg
Approved Existing landscaping rec 11/9/20 EXIST.SITE.LANDSCAPE_PWL_02_A_2.pdf
Approved Tree Protection Plan 6424_Tree_Survey_BS5837__August_202_1.pdf
Approved Proposed landscaping rec 11/9/20 PROP.SITE.LANDSCAPE.PWL_03_C_4.pdf
Approved Landscaping Statement received 11/09/2020 6427_NP20_0156_FUL_LANDSCAPING_STATEMENT_1.pdf
Approved Proposed north elevation PWHA-08_3.pdf
Approved Proposed east elevation PWHA-06_2.pdf
Approved Proposed south elevation PWHA-05_2.pdf
Approved Proposed west elevation PWHA-04_2.pdf
Approved Proposed first floor plan PWHA-03_2.pdf
Approved Proposed ground floor plan PWHA-02_4.pdf
Approved Proposed site plan PWHA-01_3.pdf
Approved Site location plan PWH-01_4.pdf
Approved Existing east & north elevations PW-07_2.pdf
Approved Existing west & south elevations PW-06_2.pdf
Approved Existing sections A-A & B-B PW-05_2.pdf
Approved Existing floor plans PW-04_2.pdf
Approved Existing section A-A PW-03_2.pdf
Approved Existing site plan PW-02_2.pdf
Officers Delegated Report Delegated_Report_5160.pdf
Decision Notice Full_consent_Notice_4014.pdf
NP/20/0156/FUL Decision notice Version 2 NP-20-0156-FUL_Decision_Notice_V2.pdf